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A studio based in Central Pennsylvania, specializing in graphic design & illustration with the goal of helping you tell the story that grows your customer and fan base.


Founder, Graphic Artist & Illustrator

John Lawler has been drawing doodles of dinosaurs and cartoon characters since he was just a kid. Lucky for you he kept the pencil and paper but added some education and other tools. John received his degree from Delaware College of Art and Design in the early 2000s. His goal is to always create work that explores the clients' needs and helps them achieve their goals.
Besides design and illustration some of John's favorite things to get into include Lego, collecting records, and boring his wife with some fact he learned from the latest documentary he watched. Right now John is probably playing his favorite records too loudly while working on his latest design.

Photo of John Lawler, Graphic Artist


Just some of Lawler Creative Company's professional offerings

Red Crowned Crane Illustration Framed


I bring a strong portfolio of visual styles in my illustration from pen and ink, acrylic paintings all the way to clean vector based illustrations created with Adobe Illustrator.

Seek Those Who Are Kind Poster in Frame


Be it in print or digital the design and layout of your project is what will engage your audience and get the message to the audience.

Mid Mod Prints Framed


Give your fans awesome merch that is designed well and makes both you and them look good.


Do you have a fun new project coming up that you think my style would be great for? Maybe you want to know how something was made or just wonder about my love of 80's and 90's pop culture? Hit me up, I'll do my best to get back to you quickly.


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